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News Updates
1 UK Published Revised Standard BS EN 581-1:2017 for Outdoor Furniture 2017/05/08
2 UK Published New Version Standard 2017/02/17
3 FIRA-UK Announce that Four Amended Standards for Children’s Furniture have been Published 2017/01/26
4 UK Published TWO New EU Standards for Non-Domestic Furniture 2016/12/28
5 New Standard for Storage Furniture 2016/03/23
The joint-venture company, FIRA-CMA Testing Services Limited (FIRA-CMA), was formed in January 2010 by FIRA International and CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories (CMA Testing) to establish a laboratory in Hong Kong specialized in furniture tests.

FIRA, formerly the Furniture Industry Research Association, was established 60 years ago by the furniture industry to provide a centre of excellence for furniture technology. Today FIRA International is recognized as the UK’s, and one of the ...
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