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Company Profile
FIRA-CMA Testing Services Limited
The joint-venture company, FIRA-CMA Testing Services Limited(FIRA-CMA), was formed in January 2010 by FIRA International and CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories (CMA Testing) to establish a laboratory in Hong Kong specialized in furniture tests.

FIRA, formerly the Furniture Industry Research Association, was established 60 years ago by the furniture industry to provide a centre of excellence for furniture technology. Today FIRA International is recognized as the UK’s, and one of the world’s leading furniture technology centres, and continues to provide a wide range of expert commercial services that are dedicated to the global furniture supply chain.

CMA Testing is a well-established testing laboratory in Hong Kong, founded by the Chinese Manufacturers Association of Hong Kong in 1979. CMA Testing specialized in consumer product testing for worldwide standards and providing consultancy services on environmental aspect.

With the laboratories located in Hong Kong, FIRA-CMA can provide FIRA’s high standard of testing services, and internationally recognised certification, locally to the point of production. FIRA is heavily involved in the development of International, European and British Standards, and this knowledge will be invaluable to Asian furniture manufacturers wanting to service the European furniture market.